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We are here to support you.  We understand what you may be experiencing and we can help.

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ISVA Leaflet

To find out more about our ISVA Service and the support we can provide please download a copy of our lSVA Leaflet.

ISVA Facts / FAQs

The aftermath of sexual assault can be traumatic and confusing. Many people share the same questions and concerns. Here are some frequently asked question about our ISVA Service, what happens if I decide to report, the court process and includes information for family and friends.

CHISVA Leaflet

CHISVA's are Independent Sexual. Violence Advisers for children and young people. We work with children under 18. A CHISVA is a specialist worker who can help & provide support to children & young people if they have experienced rape, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation. Ring our helpline 0808 802 0028.

Friends and Family booklet

Are you worried about a friend or family member? This guide provides tips and advice for people who have a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague who they think may be in a relationship with a partner or an adult family member who has been abusive towards them.

Freeva Leaflet

A generic leaflet covering all of our services