The helpline is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm and is free from all mobiles, landlines and payphones. It is also hidden on the telephone bill.

At Freeva We Are ...


Free from Violence and Abuse, Jenkins Centre, is a confidential help and support service that will always put your privacy and safety first. There may however be times when it may be necessary to breach the basic rules of confidentiality for safeguarding purposes.


We really do understand the pain of violence and abuse – we also understand how to help make things better.  Discover your freedom.


It can be hard to solve an issue when you’re isolated and alone.  Together with Freeva we’re stronger and can find a way forward.


We are here to support you so call us in complete confidence and we’ll explain how we can help you to be free.

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    We are a registered charity working towards reducing domestic violence, rape and sexual assault in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. Our vision is to aspire to live in a society where everyone is free from violence and abuse. We do this by:

    - Empowering and supporting victims of domestic and sexual violence/abuse
    - Challenging abusive behaviours and supporting perpetrators that wish to change.
    - Breaking the cycle of violence and abuse
    - Building cohesive families and communities

    Our priority is to provide high quality effective support to victims and perpetrators irrespective of their backgrounds.

    We work closely with other agencies to ensure the right support is in place for you. Freeva are part of the United Against Violence & Abuse (UAVA) consortium - and some of our services are jointly delivered with Living without Abuse (LWA) and Women’s Aid Leicestershire Limited (WALL).


    Our values are based on six main principles. We believe:

    That everyone has the right to be free and safe from violence and abuse
    That relationships should be built on respect and equality
    That education ensures a better future
    That with support people have the capacity to change
    In working with integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, transparency and within accountability
    In creating sustainable change