Are you hurting the one you love?

We are here to support you.  We understand what you may be experiencing and we can help.

The Jenkins Centre are specialists in providing services for those wanting to change their behaviour

The way you behave will have an impact on the ones that you love, whether that is a partner/ex-partner or child. Attending the Jenkins Centre is an opportunity for you to change your behaviour and develop relationships that are safer, loving and respectful and no longer abusive.

One of the hardest things to do is to reach out for help for the first time. It is easy to put this off and promise yourself and others that it will never happen again. You have probably done that already but if you are serious about wanting to change and out words in to action, then the Jenkins Centre can help you.

What does the Jenkins Centre do?

We provide interventions that are designed to help people stop using abusive behaviour towards and intimate partner and others.

Alongside ending abusive behaviour we will work on developing better relationships with loved ones and increasing self-respect.

The ways we will do this are through group programmes and individual sessions.

What do I have to do?

You will need to be willing to engage with our programme, and make a commitment to exploring your own actions and behaviours and the consequences of them. Our programme is about taking the responsibility of improving relationships and stopping abusive behaviour, it is not about forcing others to change and part of our programme is about acknowledging we have no control over others to change their behaviour. Changing your behaviour can be a difficult process but you will be supported all the way by our specialist Jenkins Centre staff.

For more information please go to the Jenkins Centre Website: We understand what you may be experiencing and we can help. 

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