Get Out Get Love (GOGL) Programme

Get answers to any questions on your journey to recovering from abuse.

We have partnered with the UXC Group of Psychologists and award-winning Dr Craig Newman, in a pilot for the National Institute for Health and Care Research. This allows us to provide free access to the online Get Out Get Love (GOGL) recovery programme for our clients.

What is the GOGL programme?

Get Out Get Love (GOGL) is a self-paced digital recovery programme, offering long-term support for those who have left an abusive relationship, that works alongside existing support from your service provider.

GOGL seeks to create good outcomes for you in your recovery from abuse, helping to equip you to understand your experiences and break free from the cycle of toxic relationships.

What do you get?

  • A 6-month+ recovery programme
  • Audio lectures
  • Journaling exercises
  • Rescue resources
  • Support in staying away from your ex (The Act of Staying Away)
  • An integrated self-compassion course to help you build self-worth and manage your emotions.

Using GOGL is entirely your choice and does not replace any other support offered by Freeva. You can use it alongside any other support you are receiving.

To find out more or to join the programme, please click here.