Sexual assault and rape is a traumatic and extremely stressful experience, whether it was by someone you know or by a complete stranger. The most important thing to remember is that it was not your fault and you are not alone. This service is for anyone, male or female, living in Leicester, aged 16+ who has experienced rape and/or sexual assault. This could be as a result of a recent incident or something that has happened in the past.

Every persons reaction to rape and sexual abuse will be different. A common myth around rape is that everyone will react hysterically or tearfully after the attack. In reality however, people can experience a mixture of different emotions in the immediate aftermath of the attack, or in the hours/days that follow.

Some of the symptoms you may experience or be experiencing are:

  • Constant anxiety
  • Fear and shock
  • Being on edge and easily startled
  • Nightmares
  • Sleeping and/or eating difficulties
  • Feelings of shame and self-blame
  • Health related issues

What support the Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) can provide.

The ISVA will provide you with independent, professional and confidential support tailored to your immediate and varied needs. We can support you as follows:

  • Crisis support to help you feel safe if you are in immediate danger, support you to move if required.
  • With medical examinations, other health needs and housing where necessary
  • We can liaise with the police only if you want to report and support you through the investigation
  • explore your legal options and support you throughout the court processes
  • If though a court process a successful outcome is achieved we can support you with applying for compensation
  • We can link you and your children with other support agencies such as specialist counselling and therapy, family related support and also help you to develop support networks

Call us on 0808 802 0028 for support. In an emergency please contact the police on 999 and you will be supported by a specialist trained police officer from the SIGNAL team

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