Would you like to speak to someone who will listen to and support you in your own time and space?

If you are 13 - 18 and experienced any form of sexual assault/violence at any point in your life you can get support from our Children & Young Person's  Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (CYP-ISVA)

If you would like to speak to someone call us on 0300 333 6533 or you can text on: 07860 923051

Some examples of  Sexual Abuse/Assault?

  • Being touched in a way you don’t like without giving permission or consent.
  • Being forced or pressured to have penetrative sex, including penetration of the mouth/anus with an object or part of the body.
  • Forced/made  to look at sexual pictures or videos or watch someone doing anything sexual.
  • Manipultated to carry out sexual activities in exchange for things such as money, gifts, places to stay or affection,  This is also called Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Grooming - this can involve befriending children and young people, gaining thier trust, and often feeding hem drugs and alcohold over a long priod of time, before the sexual abuse begins.  Thi can also happen on-line.

If you have expereinced any of the above, remember ......


  •  It is not your fault
  • You will be believed
  • You are right to tell someone
  • You can get help, you are not alone









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