We can support you if you are or have experienced domestic violence, rape and/or sexual assualt and you live in Leicester/shire. You can still contact us if you do not live in leicester/shire and we will find the right support in your area.

We will support you accordingly to your individual needs and the kind of support we can provide, includes the following:

  • A listening ear/emotional support - you may want to talk to someone about what is or has happened to you
  • We can provide you with infomation on some of the options you may have on your situation, this could range from legal advice to finding somewhere to stay.
  • Practical support - we can attend any appointments with you and provide any advocacy support
  • Safety Planning - we can help you to feel safe and discuss a safety plan
  • Reporting to the police - if you decide you want to report any incident to the police we will support you through this
  • Attending court - if you have to attend court, we can support you through this and keep you informed throughout the process

If you are unsure about whether you are experiencing domestic violence then please see this link: http://www.womensaid.org.uk/domestic-violence-survivors-handbook.asp?section=000100010008000100310004

Remember, you are not alone - many people experience domestic violence, rape and/or sexual assualt. Recognising that you are experiencing violence and abuse is the first step and accessing support can help you to decide what you can do.

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