As from 1st December. if  you need to refer anyone for domestic and/or sexual violence then please call 0116 2550004 or email,uk

As well as being able to provide services for victims and perpetrators, FreeVA is also able to provide some services to professionals and organisation.

By providing these services to professions and organisations, they are then able to gain more understanding as well as awareness, about the different ways in which they can help victims of domestic violence and also provide the support needed that would get them through such situations.

FreeVA can offer:

  • Bespoke training packages for your team on Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and Working with perpetrators
  • Consultancy
  • Briefings on all of our services for your team to enable you to Respond, Report and Refer Victims of DV and SV
  • Awareness-Raising at community events

To find out about the services available to both professions and organisation, contact FreeVA on 0116 2559 003 on their business line or use the contact form link on the right.

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